March 2021 EHI Online Meeting


DATE: 3-12-2021

Welcome and Prayer (Karen) 

Karen explained that almost everyone had completed their first job on Upwork. Today, we want to celebrate and share about our experiences on Upwork. 

Example of Excellent Work

Greg showed Iragi’s Excel sheet displaying a list of magazine articles, the authors, the titles, the links, and dates. It was well organized and clear. Iragi did more than what was asked by color-coding the different authors. This helped make it easier to read. This excel spreadsheet helped Greg to do another task.

As a freelancer, your job is to help the client to do his/her job.

The client can tell if you are doing just the minimum work, or if you are putting a lot of effort into the job. If you do more than what is asked in the directions, it will impress the client. As a result, the client is more likely to give a good review.

Discussion Questions  

What has worked well in doing your first job through Upwork?

It helps when the client gives clear directions.

It also helps when the client is available to answer questions.

What was the most frustrating part of doing a job through Upwork?

Internet connection did not work properly.

Very little time was allowed for the job.

The client was not clear in what he wants.

The client changes the task/job after the proposal is accepted.

The client does not pay what was agreed upon.

 What questions do you have for us?

Q: How do you make a good proposal?

Explain your skills and experience that would meet the job.

Explain that you understand what it takes to complete the job.

Explain how you can do the job well.

Invite the client to interview you.

Q: How can we get more Connects to make a proposal?

Connects is like currency on Upwork. You use Connects when you submit a proposal to a job. As a freelancer, you get 10 free Connects every month. If you want to upgrade (pay), you can get 80 connect a month.

There are two more ways to get Connects.

1. When you win an interview with a client, you get a bonus of 10 Connects.

2. When you complete an Upwork skill certification, you get more connects.

Karen will send more information via email.

Q: What happens if you do not complete a job?

You will not get paid. It will also reflect badly on your profile. Your profile will show the percentage of how many jobs you have completed. It is very important that you finish every job you have contracted for.

Your goal on Upwork is to do more jobs, get paid, and build trust in order to work for a few clients over and over again long-term.

Q: What can you do when a client is not clear on the job description?

If you can, contact the client for more clarification. You usually cannot contact the client until you submit your proposal. You can ask for clarification in your cover letter.

Q: What can you do when the client changes/switches the job/task after he/she accepts your proposal?

If you can do the job, then go ahead and complete the job.

If you cannot do the job, tell the client that this was not the job/task that you had agreed upon and to find another client to complete the job.

Q: What can you do when the client does not pay what he said he was going to pay?

Before you send a proposal for any job, you should find out if the client pays its freelancers. You can do this by looking to see if “Payment method verified” is checked. This is in the right column of the job post. You can also look at the number of stars in the reviews.

Also, never start a job without the escrow funded. This is where Upwork holds the payment for the freelancer until the job is done

Upwork takes this very seriously. You can report a scam.

Karen will find out more information and send it to the current EHI members.

Next Steps  

Excel Skills Test – Take it before the next meeting. Karen will send the link over email. 

Start applying for jobs on Upwork. 

Participate in EHI Online Meetings once a month (second Friday)

Next meeting is on April 9. Time is to be determined.


Closing Prayer

Legrand prayed