Upwork AI Guidelines and Tips

Artificial intelligence graphic

Using AI (artificial intelligence) can be a helpful aide, but should never replace thoughtful writing.

  • Do not copy and paste. Instead, use AI as a guide to collect your thoughts. 
  • Use as a starting point only 
  • Customize computer-generated content to reflect your own style 
  • Add human value and personality 
  • Be careful about what you share with IA, never share personal, financial or identification details 
  • Make note of any copyrighted considerations 
  • Fact-check to ensure accuracy 
Caveats about using AI 

While AI can offer many benefits to freelancers, there are some important caveats to keep in mind when using it. 

Ethical considerations. Large AI models make use of public—sometimes copyrighted—information. Consider the output of the AI you use and make a note of any copyright considerations. 

Human-added value. You can get great output from AI, but remember that a machine created it. Use humans to add value to the output so it is less generic (e.g., humor, brand voice, tone, and bias). 

Inaccurate facts. AI tools work by predicting what they think a human will do next, which can make AI a convincing liar. Fact-check your AI output to ensure accuracy. 

Privacy concerns. Many AI apps are popping up on the market—some of which may not have the best privacy controls. Think carefully about the proprietary data you give AI systems and if there are legal concerns when doing so. 

Lack of transparency. One of the biggest concerns about AI is that the models are a black box. Even the AI providers don’t fully understand how they work, so you may have challenges understanding the results you get from AI. 

AI bias. AI can show bias—whether from the creators or the training data. You must monitor for biased results and avoid using AI if it goes against your policies. 

AI disclosure. Many people still prefer to talk to humans, so talking to AI bots might be a turnoff. Whether you use AI for social media, your website, or another area of your business, let people know they’re interacting with AI.