Making an Upwork Profile



  • Write your profile in English 
  • Be truthful 
  • Do not inflate your skills or experience (if you can’t back it up, clients will not trust it) 
  • Your profile is one of your most important tools as a freelancer on Upwork
  • It’s a place for you to show your skills and accomplishments  
  • A great profile helps you stand out to potential clients and boosts your chances of winning jobs 
  • Profile photo – professional, plain background, clear face 
  • List 2-3 skills in the Title, using straight line between keywords (i.e., Translator | English | French)
  • Write 3-4 compelling paragraphs for the Summary with a focus on the first sentence because it appears in the client search 
  • Utilize all skill tags – used by Upwork algorithm when filtering (research the skill tags clients are using to search for talent) 
  • Add a Portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge and skills 
  • Demonstrate your skills and convey your expertise with certifications 
  • Set competitive rates, start low (but not too low) to build client success (research the rates of other freelancers doing similar work) 
  • Showcase all your skills, certifications, projects, testimonials, and professional experience to get maximum invites 
  • Optimize your profile with a professional profile picture, relevant experience, skills, projects, and past client testimonials 
  • Set your profile to Public 
  • Note that Upwork may change a profile to Private if:  
    • You’re an established freelancer and don’t earn money on Upwork for a period of two years or more  
    • You’re a new freelancer and don’t earn money on Upwork within 90 days of your first proposal, or you choose not to submit a proposal within your first 90 days 
    • New freelancers have a 90-day grace period to build up a successful stream of work before the profile visibility restriction begins 
    • You can still submit proposals even if your profile is private — you just won’t appear in search results 
    • Freelancer Plus membership is never set to private 
    • You can try to request that your Profile be reset to Public at 



Specialized profiles allow you to:  

    • Show off your expertise 
    • Optimize your profiles for multiple skill categories 
    • See jobs on your timeline that apply to you