Export Human Intelligence (EHI) Summary



Ten individuals participated in an experiment called “Export Human Intelligence” (EHI). The purpose was to explore how the average person in DRC can earn income on an online freelance platform, such as Upwork. The average person in DRC, who has a computer and internet connection, can create an Upwork profile, apply for jobs, and be hired to perform specific jobs. Working on an online freelance platform is an opportunity to earn income outside DRC and experience God’s provision. 


The EHI members were divided into four teams. Each team had to complete five tasks:  

1) Create a freelancer profile on Upwork. 

2) Find five possible jobs on Upwork for the average person in DRC. 

3) Find possible payment options on Upwork. 

4) Find other online freelance platforms using French. 

5) Write an essay including instructions on how to use Upwork. 


The teams made several discoveries along the way. Here are six prominent ones: 

  • It is possible to earn money on an online freelance platform. 

As the members looked to find jobs on Upwork, they discovered there are many jobs from almost all over the world available. Not only are there many jobs, but there are also many different kinds of jobs which the average person in DRC could do. Some examples are data entry, translating written materials, creating brochures, logo designing, editing French materials, etc.  

  •  Access to reliable internet is critical. 

While working on this experiment, the members discovered that having a computer and access to a reliable internet source is important. It is crucial to be able to communicate with the client at any time of the day and to complete the job in a timely manner.  

There were a few instances when members couldn’t complete a task because they didn’t have the internet. Either it wasn’t working, or they were in a location where it was unavailable. As a result, it prevented them from completing a task in a timely manner. 

  • Working in teams is beneficial. 

We had the members work in teams of two, three, and four. There was only one person who could not work on a team, because he was not located nearby the other team members.  

Most of the members who worked in teams said that sharing ideas and experiences helped them to learn how to collaborate and build trust. When they worked well together, they knew that they were able to produce better end results than they would have if they had worked alone. 

The person who worked by himself said that if he could do this experiment all over again, he would request to be on a team. He knew that he had missed some important advantages that he could have received from working with other team members. 

  • Creating an attractive profile is important to getting hired. 

The members worked hard learning how to create a freelance profile on Upwork. They learned that it is not enough to just create a profile. They needed to have a profile that would stand out and make a good first impression. That includes having a pleasant, professional looking photo of themselves, specific descriptions about their skills and experience, and a compelling job title. Most of the members had to rewrite their profile overview and/or replace their self-photo with a friendlier, professional-looking one. They knew spending time to make their profile look highly attractive was worth the effort. 

  • All of the methods of payment options on Upwork have disadvantages. 

This was probably the most challenging aspect of this experiment. There are three possible payment options for freelancers in DRC, but they each have their own disadvantage(s). The three methods of payment on Upwork are: Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer. 

Wire transfers are too expensive with a $30 USD transfer fee. After all the fees, a freelancer might not earn much if he chooses to have his money wired.  

PayPal is not offered in DRC. If a person wants to create a PayPal account, he/she would have to know a person in a different country, who is trustworthy and who can provide a phone number.   

Payoneer claims to have moderately low fees.  It does, however, require that the freelancer must have a minimum of $100 USD before one could transfer money and have a bank account in DRC into which money can be transferred. This might be the most viable option for freelancers in DRC at this time. 

One team discovered that M-Pesa (mobile money) is available for freelancers in Kenya. M-Pesa might be a possible payment option in the future for DRC. 

  • There is an abundance of online freelance platforms in French. 

As the members looked for French online freelance platforms, they discovered that there are plenty of them on the internet. In all, the teams found 25 different online freelance platforms in French. Some had different emphases and different formats, but they were all platforms in which freelancers could find jobs. This abundance of platforms shows that this is a growing industry and that there are many opportunities to earn money online. 


These ten individuals worked hard at discovering what it is like to be a freelancer on an online freelance platform. In summary, they made six important discoveries: 

  • It is possible to earn money on an online freelance platform. 
  • Access to reliable internet is critical. 
  • Working in teams is beneficial. 
  • Creating an attractive profile is important to getting hired. 
  • All of the methods of payment options on Upwork have disadvantages. 
  • There is an abundance of online freelance platforms in French. 

For seven weeks, these EHI members learned many new things about online freelance platforms. They open the door to possible opportunities of earning income outside the DRC on the internet. 

God is a personal and powerful provider. He can definitely provide for His people through the internet and through online freelance platforms. 

*For more information about Upwork, read other posts about Upwork on https://africamupya.com/ or go to https://www.upwork.com/